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Subject: College Room Mate
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 07:22:46 GMT College Room Mate
Tim was my college room mate. He loved to walk around
wearing bikini briefs Lolita Nude Pics
which didn’t begin to hide, much less
cover his equipment. And, he was a true exhibitionist …
he posed in ways which made me drool … you know, with
one leg up on the bed so you got an absolutely clear view.
He’d frequently bend over, and the briefs would come down
revealing most of his ass. He used to lay on his bed,
pretending to read, with his hands constantly in his pants,
rearranging, scratching and just holding on for good luck.
I think Tim knew, from day one, that what he had … I was
interested in. He was toying with me, and with each
passing day, I was jacking off more and more just thinking
about him. He knew that there’d come a day, very soon,
when I’d have to show my interest more openly. And, know
something, he was right. One night, after I thought he was
asleep, I was jerking off under the covers. All of sudden,
I realized he was there … standing in front of Lolita Nude Pics my bed in
the darkened room. I tried to pretend that I’d just been
turning over, asleep, but he wouldn’t let it die. “Are you
jerking off?” he asked and, when faked sleep, he said -
louder - “ARE YOU JERKING OFF?” “Ssssh,” I said, “you’ll
wake up the entire dorm!” “Well, are you going to answer
me?” “Well, yes, I’ll answer you … (pause) … yes, as
a matter of fact, I WAS jerking off. What’s it to you?” He
paused for a second and then uttered a truly startling
question: “Can I watch?” “Can you WHAT?” “You heard me, I
said — can I watch? I’ve never seen anyone but myself jerk
off, and I’d like to.” It took me half a second to think
about his amazing request … I mean HE was the
exhibitionist, not me … but, if this was the way to his
heart, or his cock … “Yea, sure, what’s it to me?” I
said, as I pulled the sheet back, revealing my stone hard
cock. “Do it,” he said. I closed my eyes and began to
pump my cock. It was a little weird, but the fact that he
was watching made things even more exciting and my rhythm
picked up. He sat down on the edge of the bed and I kept
pumping. Pretty soon, I was startled, pleasantly, when I
felt a hand on my thighs caressing, and moving slowly up
toward my balls. Then his hand touched my balls and I got,
like an electric shock. But, it was stimulating and I was
getting close to coming. “I like what you’re doing,” he
said. I opened my eyes and realized that he Lolita Nude Pics had stripped
off his bikini’s and was pumping his own cock. I liked
that so I kept my eyes open and both of us began to moan as
we came close to climax. “I’m gonna come,” I said with a
husky voice. “Me too,” he replied … and then we both
came, spraying cum on each other. After resting for a
minute or two, he whispered to me, “do you want to fuck
me?” “Well, sure, but I didn’t know you were into this …
I mean, I didn’t even know you were gay.” “I’m not,” he
said, “but I am damned curious and horny as hell Lolita Nude Pics … and
you just can’t get enough of any kind of sex in this
school. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be
fucked by a guy. Does it hurt much?” “Well, that depends.
I’ll try to be gentle. Have you got any vaseline?” He
jumped up and grabbed some and started applying it my cock,
which was coming back up for action just thinking about his
tight, virgin asshole. He got on all fours and stuck his
asshole high, and I started probing. He whimpered once or
twice, but the vaseline helped and pretty soon I was
pushing hard and he was urging me on. “Oh, that hurts …
but, don’t stop, I want to do this.” “Why don’t I sort of
stay on the outside this time?” “NO,” he insisted, “I want
your cock deep inside my ass … I want to feel what its
like to have cum drain into my asshole.” Ok, I thought, if
this is what he wants … and I gave it a few more hard
thrusts and then was inside him. I was gentle, but he
egged me on, bucking and rotating his Lolita Nude Pics ass to maximize the
contact. Then, he really went after it, and the speed and
intensity of his movements brought me to the edge. It
wasn’t a huge or violent come … but it was deep and
warm. After I withdrew, he drew my face to his and gave me
a gentle quick kiss. “Thanks,” he said, “that was great
… I’ll be a little sore, I suppose, but it was worth it.
So, maybe we’ll try this again?” “Sure,” I stammered,
still very surprised at the outcome of the evening. He
went back to his bed, and within minutes, he was snoring.
I didn’t have too much trouble getting to sleep either …
I mean there’s no better sleeping pill then a good,
relaxing, tension-relieving fuck. ======================================================= Jerry Gaither E-mail: jerrygpacbell.net
Home Page: http://www.GeoCities.com/SoHo/1344=======================================================
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